• 20 JD

1 SEApod contains - 1.0ML with 5% nicotine by weight.
Approximately equivalent to about 1 pack of cigarettes. 

Sea100 Pods Compatible with JUUL

Sea pods Flavors:

  • Sea100 Pods Blueberry = Sea pods Blueberry
  • Sea100 Pods Blueberry Menthol = Sea pods Blueberry menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Mango = Sea pods Mango
  • Sea100 Pods Mint = Sea pods Mint
  • Sea100 Pods Pineapple Lemonade = Sea pods Pineapple Lemonade 
  • Sea100 Pods Raspberry = Sea pods Raspberry
  • Sea100 Pods Raspberry Menthol = Sea pods Raspberry Menthol 
  • Sea100 Pods Strawberry (You want a rich flavor? here is it. Sea100 pods will give you rich flavor and you can extend the pleasure of strawberry taste for whole day) = Sea pods Strawberry
  • Sea100 Pods Strawberry Menthol = Sea pods  Strawberry Menthol
  • Sea100 Pods Watermelon (summertime is coming, This luscious watermelon pods salt Nic will make your mouth and taste juicy! = Sea pods Watermelon
  • Sea Pods Variety Pack Version 1 ( Mango , Pink Lemomade , Strawberry,  Pineapple Lemonade)
  • Sea Pods Variety Pack Version 2 ( Lush Ice , Mango Menthol , Blueberry Menthol , Strawberry Menthol)
  • Sea100 Pods Pink Lemonade (New Flavor) = Sea pods Pink Lemonade
  • Sea100 Pods Lush Ice (new flavor) = Sea pods Lush Ice
  • Sea100 pods Melon Ice (new flavor) = Sea pods Melon Ice
  • Sea100 pods Cotton Candy (new flavor) = Sea pods Cotton Candy
  • Sea100 pods Mango Menthol (new flavor) = Sea pods Mango Menthol
  • Sea100 pods Grape (new flavor) = Sea pods Grape
  • Sea100 pods Apple (new flavor) = Sea pods Apple
    New flavor sea pods lush ice
  • Last Update : New flavor Sea pods Melon Ice , Sea pods Cotton Candy, Sea pods Mango Menthol, Sea pods Grape